Re: NeXTGtk ?

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Gleef wrote:
> On Sun, 31 May 1998, Michael Hudson wrote:
> > It would only really work, IMHO, for attribute setting (like fonts) rather
> > than actions such as choosing a plugin.
> Both of these are better handled in a dialog box.  Plugins can work in a
> carefully organized menu (eg. The Gimp), but I have a feeling that as the
> number of plugins increase, even the Gimp team will start thinking about
> other means and methods.

Dialog boxes are good, but do them right.  Windows copied from Mac a dialog
box that pops up and covers about 1/9 of the screen (middle third in each
direction).  About 25% of the dialog box is a little scrolling window in
which five or six choices are displayed.  I have a megapixel screen, and yet
I spend half my life scrolling this tiny window back and forth trying to
get to file 253 out of 1000.  Since you can't do anything else with the 
screen until you have finished the dialog, it should cover most of the screen
with a six or eight column list of choices so you can see a few hundred
at once.


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