Re: Buttons in panel menus.

---Manish Vachharajani <> wrote:
> This might not be so bad.  Currently the menu looks very busy and
> cluttered.  The functionality is a definite win though.  But the menu
> titles have buttons and they cannot be selected.  Hmm, is it
possible to
> allow the user to drag a menu option onto the panel to add the button?
> For the titles that can add a drawer or a menu maybe the drop can
pop up a
> little dialog, such as when you drop a file on the desktop?  This
would be
> less cluttered and pretty intuitive I think.
> Manish Vachharajani
> <>

I drag-n-drop is intuitive to people who use Win/Mac/X
 windows, but not to new users. I have to deal with 
new computer users all the time. I'm talking about who
have trouble double-clicking because the jerk the 
mouse across the screen between clicks. If gnome 
wants to attract real-newbies then this feature should
provide some visual cue. I like the etched plus idea,
it's not too distracting but it would make the courious
click on it. Maybe George could try drag-n-drop and 
the etched-plus. drag-n-drop would still be useful for
putting the entries into drawers and what not.

Just my $0.02
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