Re: Some desktop-links missing

Michael Lausch writes:
 > It would also be find to have some mechanism to define the _whole_
 > menu structure for dedicated users. I'm thinking about workstations
 > which are used by their owners only for special applications and the
 > sysadmin don't want the people to use a shell or other utilities,
 > beside the (more or less) carefully crafted working environment.
 > This would be really needed to make Linux and Gnome suited for the
 > desktop. The menu structure needs to be user specific, not
 > installation specific, because the sysadmin, logging in on that
 > machine wants to have other menus, giving him access to utilities
 > normally not needed by ordinary users.

But it should still be possible for situations, when only one real
user is using the computer, to get the sysadmin menus without loggin
in as root.


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