updates from the ticker frontier

ok, i've been a very busy guy recently. i basically pushed slashapp to the
back of my mind since i've been doing all this debian hacking recently
(packaging, netwinder port), and other stuff like the linux sparc web

but i would like to mention the fact i did do a ticker for freshmeat, and
wrote a spec on an extensible meta-ticker format, in the hopes i wouldn't
have to do too much to make it more modular. but i've decided it won't
suffice, but will be important to sites willing to listen to their readers
(and put the EMTF file up).

anyway, i'll try and get my ass in gear during the next few days, and
hopefully, send slashapp and freshapp to miguel for cvs'ing RSN.

expect the modularization/extensibility to grow with further releases. i
might even do a BBC ticker, based on the work of KTicker, a KDE ticker i
found recently.


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