opt 3.7

[in case anyone wants to evaluate the latest "opt" option parsing

I am announcing the release of version 3.7 of the OPT package.
In case anybody has forgotten...
    OPT is a subroutine library for communicating options and parameter
    values to a C program via the command line, parameter files,
    environment variables, or a rudimentary builtin interactive menu.
    The aim of the OPT package is to permit programs to be both user- and
    programmer- friendly.  The package attempts to provide a direct and
    relatively full-featured input interface to the ultimate user of the
    program, and at the same time to impose a minimal amount of work on
    the programmer to "add" options parsing to existing software.

    OPT is free; see the GNU LGPL for details.

Version 3.7 is a farily major release, at least by OPT standards.
Changes and updates include some bugfixes, some new types, a few new
hooks, a new perl library, and more formal regression testing.  See
the NEWS file, available with the distribution or directly from the
website, for details.  Further suggestions and bugreports are always 

You can find it on the web, or via ftp:

For Intel-based Red-Hat Linux machines, I am also providing an RPM file;
but compiling and installing from the source is pretty easy, and you'd
rather have the source anyway, wouldn't you?

Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL) features OPT as well as a lot
of other useful freeware, shareware, and commercial software.  See

Regards to all,

James Theiler                     jt@lanl.gov
MS-D436, NIS-2, LANL        tel: 505/665-5682
Los Alamos, NM 87545        fax: 505/665-4414
----- Space and Remote Sensing Sciences -----

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