Re: ANNOUNCE: gEdit 0.4.5

On Sat, 25 Jul 1998, Evan Lawrence wrote:

>         * The beginnings of a Plugins API - this will allow the core of gEdit
>           to stay small and flexible, but still be able to offer a limitless
>           number of features. The API is being developed in parallel with Chris
>           Lahey's text editor/word processor GO
>           ( and currently
>           includes an email plugin, an encryption plugin, an interface to diff
>           (cvs and stand-alone) and some other demonstration plugins. Developers
>           are encouraged to suggest enhancements in the API, and to contribute
>           plugins.

Hey, cool!  Are you doing this using CORBA?  That would allow
people to write plugins in any language, and for them to be easily
network-transparent.  This is really the sort of thing that CORBA was
made for...

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