ANNOUNCE: gEdit 0.4.5

This is to announce the release of the 0.4.5 version of the GNOME text editor
gEdit, a lightweight but powerful text editor for both GNOME and stand-alone
GTK+. The homepage is at - new features since
0.4.0 include:

        * The beginnings of a Plugins API - this will allow the core of gEdit
          to stay small and flexible, but still be able to offer a limitless
          number of features. The API is being developed in parallel with Chris
          Lahey's text editor/word processor GO
          ( and currently
          includes an email plugin, an encryption plugin, an interface to diff
          (cvs and stand-alone) and some other demonstration plugins. Developers
          are encouraged to suggest enhancements in the API, and to contribute

        * A cool new customizable toolbar, thanks to Andy Kahn.

        * Multiple window support, so now you don't have to start another copy
          of gEdit just to see documents side by side - expect features such as
          drag and drop in the next version.

        * Improvements in the printing functionality, user interface
          enhancements, bug fixes and more!

Check it out, and don't be afraid to send us suggestions, constructive
criticisms, bug fixes and features!

Evan Lawrence

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