Re: Debian docbook package (was Re: You at RedHat?)

    Changwoo> The DocBook tutorial by Mark Galassi is excellent.  But

I'm flattered, but I see a lot of shortcomings in it, and I wish I
would spend more time on it.

    Changwoo> the tutorial explains only how to use it with the rpm
    Changwoo> packages.  The debian package has quite different
    Changwoo> directory structure, filenames.  And there is no db2html
    Changwoo> or db2latex script.

Hmm: I thought that Mark Eichin included those scripts in his debian
distribution.  He wrote them in the first place, and he built the RPMs 
which I maintain now.

    Changwoo> Debian already includes docbook dtd/stylesheets, jade,
    Changwoo> etc.  So it is not reasonable to install the rpm package
    Changwoo> by alien program, or by hand.

    Changwoo> It may be a trivial question, as I don't know how the
    Changwoo> the dsssl system works.

I'll tell you the generic idea for invoking jade.  To generate HTML
you run something like (you must figure out the paths)

jade -t sgml -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/docbook/html/docbook.dsl myfile.sgml

and for print you run something like

jade -t tex -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/docbook/print/docbook.dsl myfile.sgml


jade -t rtf -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/docbook/print/docbook.dsl myfile.sgml

If you experiment with this on debian and figure out the recipe, then
you can put together a db2html and db2dvi scripts.  At that point you
can send me some paragraphs to add to the tutorial for debian users.

Another possibility would be to send mail to Mark Eichin and ask him
if there are scripts to do such stuff already in the debian packages,
and how you should write them otherwise.

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