Re: DocBook -> Texinfo (via DSSSL) Proof-of-Concept Demo


Short question:

In docbook-fake/docbook.dsl you use a function `match-element?' -
where is this function defined - it's undefined on my system.


On 23 Jul 1998, Jim Pick wrote:

> To:
> Subject: DocBook -> Texinfo (via DSSSL) Proof-of-Concept Demo
> From: Jim Pick <>
> Hi,
> Yesterday, Maciej Stachowiak inquired about building a system to
> convert from DocBook SGML to GNU Texinfo.  I said that it would be
> possible to build a system to do this fairly easily using Jade, DSSSL,
> and by converting Norm Walsh's Modular DocBook Stylesheet for HTML to
> handle Texinfo output.
> To demonstrate how this works (and to prove to myself that it could be
> done), I coded a simple DSSSL stylesheet (not based on Norm's stuff)
> that can take a simple DocBook file (from Mark Galassi's "Get Going
> with DocBook" tutorial), and convert that into a valid Texinfo file.
> You can grab the demo from:
> (It's a large file because the archive includes Norm Walsh's stuff)
> Read the README file, and try out the demo in "samples/helloworld/".
> The stylesheet I coded is very crude, and probably useless beyond the
> demo itself.  Part of the problem is that I've never really used
> DocBook or Texinfo before this.  And I'm not much of a DSSSL guru
> either.  But it does show how the job could possibly be done using
> DSSSL stylesheets.
> If this is an OK approach, it might make sense to commit this to the
> CVS tree, and we can work on it as a team.
> Cheers,
>  - Jim
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