Re: DocBook <-> TeXinfo and the LinuxDOC team

    Cees> With two SGMLtools 1.1.x releases within 24 hours, I'm
    Cees> almost clinically energetic at the moment :-)


    Cees> Could you give me directions to get on the discussion list
    Cees> for the conversion?  I'd like to lurk around...

The list is not yet formed, and "lurking" in gnome-list can damage
your health (very high traffic).

I suspect that it will be set up today.

    >> PS: the historical note for non-LinuxDoc people is that the
    >> Linux documentation project used to use a latex-like DTD called
    >> LinuxDoc, but they are quickly moving to DocBook.

    Cees> PS2: Timeframe is a production release in September; current
    Cees> versions are quite usable, though.

Dude, that's awesome, and it gives us a sort-of deadline for getting
our GNOME and Cygnus stuff incorporated: if we want you to include
some special stylesheet mods, it would be good to do so by then,
right?  I'll have to make some time this summer, then.

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