ANNOUNCE: GBibTeX, an interactive BibTeX database manager


This program is a simple BibTeX frontend that allows you to create and
edit entries from a BibTeX bibliography database. 

This is a very ALPHA release, but it works, just back up your database
files before to use it (I want bug reports, not flames). 

You can insert citations in a LyX document. Verify that LyX is running
before to show the lyx dialog (using the LyX button). The LyX server must
be enabled (just add the line \serverpipe "/home/YOUR_USERNAME/.lyxpipe" 
in your lyxrc).

Did I mentioned that you need to have Gnome (2.0) installed to compile and
run this program? 

Want to help? Get the source files from, try it, hack it, and send me
comments and/or patches to  :-) 
(some day this thing will be at CVS)

Best regards,


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