problems compiling gnome-libs (libgnomeui to be precise...)

Up to the next stage in compilation :-)

When compiling gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnometypes.c, gcc starts
complaining when it includes gnometypebuiltins_evals.c, on line 3.  This
line reads:

static GtkEnumValue _gnome_ui_info_type_values[] = {

gcc says there's a parse error before _gnome_ui_info_type_values (these
types of errors are littered throughout the file), so I guess that means
GtkEnumValue.  I grepped everything for GtkEnumValue (in the gnome-libs
directories and the /usr/include/gtk directory), but did not find

I assume that GtkEnumValue is either gnome-libs specific, or part of
gtk.   I'm using gtk 1.0.4, imlib 1.4, and I checked the gnome stuff out
of the CVS about 14 hours ago.

I haven't finished downloading ORBit yet, but I doubt this will solve
the  problem.

Andrew Clausen

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