Re: Compiling Gnome ?

Andrew> Well, I changed it to use AC_PROG_CPP (I had actually written
Andrew> more tests in the meantime to check for cpp in other places,
Andrew> but in lieu of this I removed those).  Since it requires a .c
Andrew> file, I symlinked it to a temporary file and then had it read
Andrew> that.  It seems to work for the most part at the moment, but
Andrew> only testing will tell.

I was insufficiently clear in my last message.  You can try to use
$CPP on something that isn't named with a `.c' suffix.  It's just that
this might not work on all systems.  I'd imagine this is really only a
problem for some ancient systems.

You could add a test to to see if CPP fails for a random
file, and then abort in this case.

That way you wouldn't have to make the symlink at runtime.


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