Re: Compiling Gnome ?

..--==-  23 Jul 1998 10:39:06 -0600,
..--==-  Tom Tromey (TT) discussed:

 )))))) "Andrew" == Andrew Veliath <>
 )))))) writes:
 Andrew)  Hm.  This is interesting.  The reason I didn't use
 Andrew)  AC_PROG_CPP is because it tends to give me 'gcc -E' which
 Andrew)  didn't seem useful here.

 TT)  Actually, it turns out that this is what you want.

 TT)  Some systems might not have "/lib/cpp" or any other cpp
 TT)  executable.  Instead, the preprocessor might be integrated into
 TT)  the compiler.  In this case the only way to run the preprocessor
 TT)  is by running "cc -E".

 TT)  In the future it is likely that gcc will be built this way (to
 TT)  get better performance) -- the code to integrate cpp with the
 TT)  body of the compiler already exists.


Well, I changed it to use AC_PROG_CPP (I had actually written more
tests in the meantime to check for cpp in other places, but in lieu of
this I removed those).  Since it requires a .c file, I symlinked it to
a temporary file and then had it read that.  It seems to work for the
most part at the moment, but only testing will tell.


        Andrew Veliath,

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