Re: Compiling Gnome ?

..--==-  23 Jul 1998 00:43:46 -0600,
..--==-  Tom Tromey (TT) mentioned:

 Andrew)  Please tell me what system you are on.  libIDL requires cpp,
 Andrew)  and at the moment just uses /lib/cpp.  This is only
 Andrew)  temporarty, and I will probably have libIDL's autoconf
 Andrew)  search for cpp in a few places soon.

 TT)  You can just use AC_PROG_CPP.

 TT)  Note that the autoconf manual says this:

 TT)      It is only portable to run `CPP' on files with a `.c'
 TT)  extension.

 TT)  Of course, for all I know, this might only apply to ancient
 TT)  Ultrix systems, or something similarly brain-damaged.  Still, if
 TT)  portability is a concern, your best bet is to actually include
 TT)  the code for the preprocessor in the library.

Hm.  This is interesting.  The reason I didn't use AC_PROG_CPP is
because it tends to give me 'gcc -E' which didn't seem useful here.

 TT)  This is somewhat of a problem if you want to LGPL the library.
 TT)  For instance it means you can't use gcc's preprocessor.

Now, libIDL wouldn't actually contain any cpp code, it would just
popen it, so we could just require it and have them install it
separately.  libIDL/ORBit could then still be under LGPL, I would
guess.  I think reimplementing what GNU cpp already does is a waste of


        Andrew Veliath,

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