Announcing gnothello

Greetings all.

With the help of a number of you on this list, I have finished my first gnome
application, gnothello, an othello game.  I have it set up so I should be able
to drop it into the gnome-games package, tweak a couple files, and have it
compile and install fine.*

This is where I have a question.  How do I commit the work I have done, so
everyone can tear it to pieces?

* with the exception of two lines which I have commented out, which read:

//      bindtextdomain(PACKAGE, GNOMELOCALEDIR);
//      textdomain(PACKAGE);

I see everyone else doing this, and so I thought it would be a good thing to
do, but for me PACKAGE is undefined.  Any help on this would be appreciated as
well (after, of course, I actually get this into CVS).

Ian Peters

Ian Peters

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