Re: Compiling Gnome ?

Andrew> Please tell me what system you are on.  libIDL requires cpp,
Andrew> and at the moment just uses /lib/cpp.  This is only
Andrew> temporarty, and I will probably have libIDL's autoconf search
Andrew> for cpp in a few places soon.

You can just use AC_PROG_CPP.

Note that the autoconf manual says this:

    It is only portable to run `CPP' on files with a `.c' extension.

Of course, for all I know, this might only apply to ancient Ultrix
systems, or something similarly brain-damaged.  Still, if portability
is a concern, your best bet is to actually include the code for the
preprocessor in the library.

This is somewhat of a problem if you want to LGPL the library.  For
instance it means you can't use gcc's preprocessor.


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