DocBook and Texinfo

Is there any current system for converting DocBook to GNU texinfo or
GNU info? Or is there anyone currently working on one? It would be
nice if we could convert all Gnome documentation to texinfo and/or
info automatically, since these are the GNU standard, and are
convenient for some users (those who like the emacs info browser for
instance [I am not in this category]).

The existence of a docbook -> texinfo translator might also convince
the FSF to list DocBook as an acceptable alternative to texinfo for
documentation in the GNU coding standards. This would be a big win for
Gnome because it would likely convince maintainers of a number of
current and future GNU packages to use docbook, allowing their
documentation to better integrate with Gnome's.

If there is a docbook -> texinfo translation project going on, I would
like to join for the above reasons (and also because I want to use it
for scwm). If there isn't, I would like to start one, and would
appreciate it if other interested parties would contact me.

 - Maciej

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