Re: Anon CVS out of sync?

Michael Lausch <> writes:

> Is the anon CVS server not syncing? I've not got any updates since 2
> days. For example gnome-core/panel/menu.c has the local version 1.69,
> on the Web page for the CVS server, menu.c has the version 1.74. Maybe 
> some synchroniztion problems or cron problems?

Elliot informed me this morning that my server was blocking all 10 of
the anonymous rsync connections from the main CVS server.  I was
having problems with rsync getting hung up on me (I was running a
development version or rsync, which may have been the problem).  It
seems that even after I killed rsync on my end, it will still hogging
a connection on the Red Hat end.

So blame me.  :-(

I've since upgraded my rsync, and I am now going to mirror from instead of the master CVS repository, so my problems
should not impact everybody else now (hopefully).  Please accept my


 - Jim

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