Re: ee (electric eyes ?)

"Pascal Hofstee ... GnomeTest" <> writes:

> Hi,
> I have been fiddlingh with the rest of the gnome-distribution
> (most of the stuff will compile after some extra -lc_r switches)
> and I noticed the image-viewer "Electric Eyes" in the
> gnome-graphics-module.
> I would like to point out that one of the default editors provided along
> with FreeBSD is "easy edit" .... You already see it coming huh ...
> Both binaries are called "ee".
> I would appreciate it when "Electric Eyes" would be renamed by default
> (eeyes e.g.), to avoid 'problems'. I don't like to see an image-viewer
> open when I try to edit some text-files ;-)

Under Debian, we also have the ee editor.  So Electric Eyes is now
called eeyes under Debian.

It would be much nicer if the name was changed upstream.


 - Jim

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