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On Mon, Jul 20, 1998 at 11:17:19 AM -0400, wrote:
> Hi,  I'm thinking of adding support to Wine so people can do drag-n-drop
> between Windows programs and GNOME.  Anyone have any advice or objections?
Umm... No objections, but:
1) I think there are better things you could be doing for either wine or
   gnome.  (But I've never been one to tell others where to give away their
2) I don't know how possible it is.  Somthing tells me that the dnd
   protocols of windows and gnome work very differently.
3) I don't know how possible it is with the current state of wine -- in
   particular, of DDEML.DLL.
4) If you are newish to wine, I suguest that use of the X clipboard might be
   a good place to start -- to get your Xwin<->MSwin muscles stretched, as
   it were.

	-=- James Mastros
A basement-GNOME ( with PIP (IETF group) and WINE
(  Not really as impressive as it might sound, or as

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