Re: question on kfm

>>>>> "Sri" == Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:

Sri> Out of curiosity, is anyone bothering to perhaps make kfm GNOME
Sri> compliant (or make it use GTK?)?

Not that I've heard of.  Perhaps it will happen indirectly via the
effort to write Qt using Gtk underneath.

Sri> gmc is a bit too unstable to use right now.

Please send bug reports.  The only way it will get better is feedback.

Sri> I think I might have an older gettext library or something
Sri> becuase I keep having it quit with this error message:

Sri> /usr/libexec/ Undefined symbol "_dgettext" called from
Sri> gmc:/usr/local/lib/ at 0x8137aa4

Sri> I'm using gettext-0.10, is this the wrong version?

Well, yes, but it shouldn't really matter, as gmc includes its own
copy of the libintl runtime.


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