Shared CVS parts between KDE and Gnome

I have posted this before to the gnome-kde-list, which would be a more
appropriate place to discuss such issues, but since there was no
resonance at all, I will put it on both, the gnome and the kde list.

What I noticed is that KDE and Gnome do - unnecessarily - build every
bit from scratch. While the points about the toolkit are certainly a
valid reason not to share widgets and visual applications, other
things wouldn't cause problems.

For instance, one of my current projects is building a midi bus. This
part should ensure, that different midi based applications find each
other, know about the services (and instuments, effects, whatever)
the other application provides. And of course it should pass events
The thing should be based on CORBA, while perhaps event passing itself
could be done in some performance tuned way.

But there is no reason to tie this to KDE or Gnome. I would like to
see it included in both.
Couldn't be there a shared section in the CVS? The current structure
doesn't even allow lines in the CVS to be shared, since each project
has its own CVS.

It's silly by the way, with KDE and Gnome having megabytes and megabytes
of source, not a single line should be sharable? Think about the VFS code.
Think about having a shared scripting facility.

  Cu... Stefan
  -* Stefan Westerfeld, (PGP!), Freiburg/Germany
     KDE Developer, project infos at *-

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