Re: file extensions - vfs, file types (methods, context menu, icons, properties)

On Sat, 18 Jul 1998, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:
> I haven't done more than the design and some initial programming, because I
> thought it would be a waste of time if someone was already working on this,
> or if interface and design were already finished. I'd be glad to continue
> programming, but not until I get the green lights.

Gnome doesn't have file properties yet, only .desktop files. Miguel is
working on this though. 

It would be great to go ahead and do the widget, editing .desktop files
for now, and then later on also edit the full file properties. There is a
somewhat unfinished/broken start on this in gnome-dentry-edit.[hc] in
libgnomeui, have a look at that. One thing to consider is using a vbox or
an object instead of the dialog; that's more flexible. Then you can make a
second convenience widget that jsut puts the vbox in a dialog.

Feel free to totally rewrite gnome-dentry-edit, there's no reason to have
both a file properties widget and gnome-dentry-edit at the same time. 
Or you could use gnome-dentry-edit as a starting point.

Be aware that gnome-dentry-edit is currently being used in John Ellis's
gmenu app in gnome-core, so you're going to break that if you make
changes. I think that's the only place it's being used. 


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