Re: Drag and drop protocols

Eric Kidd <> writes:

> Yowza! How many of these drag and drop procols *are* there for X? Does
> anyone have an overview of what the ICCCM requires, what the Unix98
> standard requires, what Gnome uses, and what KDE uses?

GNOME uses Xde
KDE uses OffiX v0 with own extensions, but will soon switch to Xdnd v2
Xdnd v2
OffiX v0 (outdated, OffiX v1 retains backward compability)
OffiX v1 (some patched apps: XEmacs, xv, etc.)

KDE OffiX v0 will not work with i.e. XEmacs, cause kfm can't 'find' non KDE
apps. So KDE DnD with OffiX will only work for KDE apps.

GNOME dnd works for GNOME apps.

It would be great if the developers of those desktops could start to use only
ONE protocol, cause this would make THE desktop more useable.

Perhaps the fresh Xdnd v2 will solve this, cause the missing things in Xdnd v1 
(to Xde of GNOME) are now there (as far as I can see).

Any comments from the core GNOME guys?


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