Autoconf/Automake/Libtool documentation

Seeing as how the lion's share of install problems seem to be
related to autoconf/automake/configure/m4, I propose the
following link is added to the GNOME links page

I've only just started poring over this site, and I'm already
surprised  that it's not on the links page.  A lot of pain and
suffering (c; could be avoided by studying this site.  The onsite
documentation includes a brief, interesting history of the
autoconf/make system, and goes on to show how autoconf, automake,
and libtool work together.  And if that isn't enough for you, the
Introduction page has links to HTML versions of the manuals for
all three.

A _very_ good resource!  It would no doubt cut down on the volume
of tech support calls, too.  (c:  Suppose it wouldn't hurt to put
the URL in the Install FAQ (Todd?).

Anyway, just wanted to pass it on.


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