Suspend/Shutdown button for panel


I was thinking of adding a suspend/shutdown option to the panel for APM
enabled machines. There appear to be three options
1) Add it to the batmon applet
2) Add it to the Log Out button
3) Have a separate button

Also the applet would either need to run suid root or require the
/dev/apm_bios file to have its permissions changed, which tends to
favour option 2 or 3, as the logout button is part of the panel and
would require the whole panel to be suid if the user didn't want to
change the permissions on the device.

Does anyone have any preferences for a particular option, or have any
other suggestions?


Mark Rae                                               T 0131 650-3265
Department of Physiology                               F 0131 650-6527
Edinburgh University                                   E

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