Re: Fwd: gnome-guile fails to compile

James Michael Mastros <> writes:

> This has been there for quite a bit:  A bit back, a "canvas" widget was
> added to gnome-libs, which depends on a feature from gtk 1.1.0.  A couple of
> references to it have poped up that aren't protected by automake checks --
> one in gnome-guile and one in gnome-core/applets/fifteen.  We should
> probably make a feature #define for this one -- automake stuff for it seems
> overkill.

Actually, the current problem is that the three routines that come up
undefined were just removed from libgnomeui:

1998-07-13  Federico Mena Quintero  <>

        * gnome-canvas.c (paint): Fixed off-by-one bug in the rectangle
        coordinates comparison.
        (gnome_canvas_new): Use the construct function.
        (gnome_canvas_construct): New public function; constructor useful
        for derived classes and language bindings.

        The canvas no longer supports unattached item sets, since the
        application can take care of a list of arbitrary items by itself.
        Only hierarchical groups are supported now.

        (gnome_canvas_group_new): Removed this function.
        (group_add): Made static and renamed from gnome_canvas_group_add.
        (group_remove): Made static and renamed from

Simply ripping them out of gnome-glue.c seems to fix the problem (at
least it compiles and links <g> ...)

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