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Moin all together,

>>>>> "Elliot" == Elliot Lee <> writes:

Elliot> On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Sergey I. Panov wrote:
>> And yes you do want most of the other things to be the same for all
>> hosts/displays. The only problem with session-manager is that it
>> (at least in KDE) hides some widows off the screen when you move
>> from the big display to a smaller one.

Elliot> OK, well then we need to fix the gnome session manager so it
Elliot> doesn't do that. Tom, are you there? :)

That's definitely not a problem of the session manager.  The session
manager is unable to now about the states (or the window positions) of
applications.  There is no special window position property in the X
session management protocol, and we also shouldn't add one.

There are two way to solve this problem:

a) Solve it in every client.  The clients have to make sure, that all
their windows are restored properly on the screen.

b) Use a clever window manager, that will not place windows off the screen.

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