RE: Volunteer required

> > In fact, I have one comment/proposal already. The configuration,
> > session information and desktop should be stored on per DISPLAY basis.
> No... A big idea of GNOME is to make it so that you can save your settings
> one place, and then come back and have it look exactly the same when you
> load it elsewhere.
> However, the _option_ to allow saving a few settings (perhaps wallpaper, I
> dunno) on a per-display basis is probably needed :)
> -- Elliot
	I agree here. There are instances of different displays attributes
such as visual depth that it'd be nice to have the stored. Stored, and
manageable, so that perhaps sessions can be removed (i.e.: that node is no
longer on the network, etc.)

	This is more important in settings with large number of Unix
workstations of various degrees of hardware capabilities. Keeping that in
mind makes it much easier to deploy GNOME as the default desktop in a mixed
environment. (Linux on x86, PPC, SPARC; Solaris on IPX and SPARC2s through
SPARC Ultras; HPUX, etc. All range from 1-bit visuals to 24 and 32-bit

	That'd be the direction for session-management to head, at least
once it's working for a single machine. ;)


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