Wrapping Gtk, Gdk, Gnome

Greetings, Gnome hackers!

A group us are trying to make CMU's Gwydion Dylan compiler understand the
Gtk headers, with the eventual goal of being able to write Gnome apps in
Dylan. (Right now, I'm chasing core dumps in Gwydion's header parsing
libraries somewhere in the middle of glib.h, but that's a lot better than
last week.)

Anyway, if you maintain language bindings for Gnome, we'd like to talk with
you.  Could we combine our efforts to simplify the wrapping process?

I've already spoken with Andreas, who maintains Tom, and he expressed
interest in a mailing list for discussing these issues. I can supply one on
my server, but would it be better to host it at gnome.org? I have no
preference either way.


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