Re: Wrapping Gtk, Gdk, Gnome writes:
> Greetings, Gnome hackers!
> A group us are trying to make CMU's Gwydion Dylan compiler understand the
> Gtk headers, with the eventual goal of being able to write Gnome apps in
> Dylan. (Right now, I'm chasing core dumps in Gwydion's header parsing
> libraries somewhere in the middle of glib.h, but that's a lot better than
> last week.)
> Anyway, if you maintain language bindings for Gnome, we'd like to talk with
> you.  Could we combine our efforts to simplify the wrapping process?
> I've already spoken with Andreas, who maintains Tom, and he expressed
> interest in a mailing list for discussing these issues. I can supply one on
> my server, but would it be better to host it at I have no
> preference either way.

The guile-gtk package has a nice method for automatically generating
Guile Scheme bindings for Gtk; it does not parse the headers, but
rather a gtk.defs file which is a stylized description of the Gtk+
interface. It is intended that this definition file be usable for
generating bindings for other languages. It is definitely a lot easier
to parse than the header files, and the headers don't really contain
enough information to generate proper bindings for other languages

 - Maciej Stachowiak

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