Cool announcement.

   Important announcement.  Peter and Tim's company based on Kaffe has
released the first version of the Kaffe OpenVM.  Read the


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I'm not sure if this still is your email address (mine has changed several
times), but let's give it a try..

This morning, we announced the availability of Kaffe OpenVM 1.0, published under

Peter (currently in Berkeley)

Transvirtual Releases Industry's First Open Source Java(TM) Implementation

     Kaffe OpenVM(TM) offers developers a complete Java implementation
                  and a license for complete source code

Berkeley, CA - Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. announces the release of
Kaffe OpenVM(TM), the first complete independent implementation of Java(TM)
available under the ``Open Source'' initiative.  Unlike other third-party
VMs, Kaffe comes with a "just-in-time" compiler and a complete set of
class libraries, including Beans and AWT.

Kaffe was designed from day one to be highly portable and to provide a
complete Java environment in the smallest possible memory footprint.  It has
already been ported to a number of processors, including the x86, StrongARM,
MIPs, 68K and Alpha, and can provide a full graphical environment in as
little as 500K (including VM and class libraries).

Transvirtual currently provides Kaffe in two flavors, Desktop and Custom.
The Desktop edition has been ported to most common operating systems,
include Windows NT/95, Linux, DOS, BSDI, Solaris, NetBSD, and provides
graphical support via X-Windows with Win32 coming soon.  The Custom edition,
which has also been ported to pSOS, ThreadX, VxWorks, QNX and LynxOS,
offers a highly configurable environment, support for cross platform
development, filesystem-less and network-less operation, and an all-Java
AWT windowing system for non-windowing displays.

Because every environment is different, Kaffe has been designed to be highly
configurable.  There is a choice of interpreter or "just-in-time" execution,
a complete implementation of the standard Java class library (which may be
subsetted if desired), support for either native system threads or "internal"
threads, reconfigurable file system and network interfaces, and "classes
in ROM" operation.  It also provides a complete, highly portable, all-Java
implementation of AWT offering customizable "look-and-feel" and support for
a range of input and display devices, including displays which don't have any
window management capability.  By providing the ability to tailor the
"look-and-feel" independent of the underlying system, Kaffe makes it easy
for manufacturers to customize the look of their devices.

Kaffe is already being used for such diverse applications as smartcards, car
control systems, paper manufactoring control, web-browsers, and low-cost
network computers.

Kaffe Desktop edition is available under the GNU Public License and can be
downloaded from Transvirtual's website.  Kaffe Custom edition is available
under license from Transvirtual.

About Transvirtual Technologies
- -------------------------------

Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. is a software company based in Berkeley,
California.  It provides completely independent Java technology and
consultancy for embedded and desktop systems.

For enquiries about Kaffe OpenVM visit
or call (510) 704-1660.

 * Kaffe OpenVM is a trademark of Transvirtual Technlogies, Inc.
** Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks
   of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  in the United States and other countries.

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