Re: db2html + gnome-core

>    James> When I try and install gnome-core after making it, it
>    James> complains that it cannot find the file db2html. A search of
>    James> my system reveals that I indeed do not posess it. Anyone
>    James> know where I can find it?

I have this problem too.

>Hmm: we ship the HTML, and the time stamps should be such that you
>don't *need* the DocBook tools.
>Here are your solutions:
>1. touch core-docs/book01.html and then redo your make.

Uh, I rebuild from my clean CVS source tree using an RPM script. Touching
that file from the script would be troublesome, as the script is generic to
work with all modules of gnome (the only module-specific code is for renaming
the development glib/gtk to 1.1 so I can still use my old GTK apps)

>2. get the DocBook tools from
>   (install the 0.2 version of the stylesheets for now).

I did this but, jadetex needs tetex, and I don't want to waste my precious
HD space on such a large package for only one (unneeded) use.

What about a third solution? configure should check for the
existence db2html and act accordingly.

My 2 cents,
John Ellis <>

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