Microsoft Access like Database front-end?

Hi there I was wondering if anyone had any serious thoughts about
creating a good database front-end that has all the power off Microsoft
Access plus.  The PostgreSQL X front-end look like a good place to start
but leaves a lot to be desired.  I have also looked at the GTK
PostgreSQL however I have not been able to get it too compile yet.

I am looking for something that has a easy way to edit tables (all front
ends seam to have that) an nice graphical query builder, the ability to
edit data returned from queries, and finally a nice form builder.  In
additional I would like an easy way to create html reports.

I am currently working on a C++ API for MySQL which I plan on porting to
PostgreSQL soon and I *might* be willing to help with this.

How big of a project would it be?

BTW: My api offers far more than the existing PostgreSQL does however
those who hate C++ would really hate my library as it uses templates,
template speculations,  exceptions, run-time type identification,
basically just about every new c++ language feature that egcs supports. 
Go to if you are interested.

Kevin Atkinson

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