Re: all the docs

On Tue, Jul 14, 1998 at 06:14:44AM -0600, Mark Galassi wrote:
>     Dave> Are all the docs on (from "getting started" to
>     Dave> "writing gnome apps" etc ...) available for downloading so I
>     Dave> can print them.
> This is a weird question.  If they're on the web, then they can be
> downloaded, right?  Maybe I'm missing something about what you are
> asking.

Think so. I'd like the idea of a tarball or something similar, which
contains all the docs.  This would make it way easier for those of us who
are not pernanently connected to the net.  
I like the way the egcs-people did this:  have the same documentation online
in the web and also as part of the archive. This way you automatically get the
necessary documentation.  For gnome a separate tar-file might do the trick.
It only needs to be downloaded by those who want it, all others could use
the web-site.

Besides, downloading a number of web-pages linked like the gnome-pages is 
IMHO quite painful.

Just my $.02

So long,
Stephan Engelke                          
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