Re: Compiling Gnome 0.20

"Lee Walton" <> writes:

> Anyway.... I compiled gtk+ and imlib okay, but I had major problems trying
> to run configure for mico-2.0.5 (let alone making it!), so I downloaded
> mico-2.1.0 and got that to compile. When running configure, I made sure I
> used the --with-gtk=<dir> option, and I think I also used
> the --use-included-gettext option for mico and everything else that would
> accept it...

The problem with mico versions above 2.0.5 is that they put their
gtk stuff in a seperate lib, so, you need to add -lmicogtk$(MICOVERS)
to the MICO_LIBS. But, actually, the panel from 0.20 won't compile
with mico versions above 2.0.5, so, you'd be better off trying to get
2.0.5 working, or, getting the cvs source and trying to build the
panel from there.

> Now, I've checked in /usr/local/lib, and there is a libgtk in there.... so I
> don't understand why it won't work!
> Any ideas? Please......
> Thanks.
> Lee Walton
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