RE: Compiling Gnome 0.20

> From: Josh Howard []
> Sent: 13 July 1998 21:18

> The problem with mico versions above 2.0.5 is that they put their
> gtk stuff in a seperate lib, so, you need to add -lmicogtk$(MICOVERS)
> to the MICO_LIBS. But, actually, the panel from 0.20 won't compile
> with mico versions above 2.0.5, so, you'd be better off trying to get
> 2.0.5 working, or, getting the cvs source and trying to build the
> panel from there.

Ahhh.... I see what you mean.

I changed all the references in panel and the associated applet makefiles
and did a build.... and yes. It did compile.... but when I tried to run
panel, it fell over with a message "debug: old_config needed".

So, I'm just in the process of trying to get mico-2.0.5 to build... the
difference is, this time I ran Previously, I'd just tried
running configure... so far it's looking good.... I'll let you know how I
get on...


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