Re: undefined reference to `gnome_appbar_set_progress' (Havoc Pennington) writes:

> On 12 Jul 1998, Paul Seelig wrote:
> > This is wit gnome-libs updated from the anoncvs tree:
> I added these functions on Monday, and so I could be responsible, but it
> compiles fine here. I bet if you started over (make clean, update,
>, make) it would work. I dunno though.

I just started over again but still get the same result.  I'll try
compiling on another machine with a separately fetched anoncvs tree
and report if it fails there too.
> Do you have the functions in gnome-appbar.c? Is gnome-appbar.c in your
> Is it in the Makefile?
Yes to all, looks like everything is fine.  Doesn't work anyway. :-(

                               Thank you, P. *8^)
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