[Fwd: Graphics libraries]

Greg lee wrote:
> I had this problem with jpeg and png.  In both cases, it was because
> I had two versions of the libraries, one in /usr/{lib,include}
> and one in /usr/local/{lib,include}.  One of the versions of
> jpeglib.h included a jconfig.h which had #include <config.h>.
> That caused a compile error if config.h was not found, and may
> have caused worse if it was found.  After I discovered the
> difficulty with libpng, I removed one of them, but forgot to
> remove the png.h that went with it.  *Then* I found that the
> libpng remaining had an undefined reference to "crc32".  Whew.
> I think I finally got it straight now.  And I've gotten into
> the habit of examining config.log.
> Greg Lee, lee@hawaii.edu, root@moore5651.lll.hawaii.edu
> On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Benjamin Lowell Diedrich wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I have a curious problem whereby the graphics libraries (jpeg, png, tiff,
> > and gif) that are linked to imlib are also required for all the gnome
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This isn't the problem.
The problem is some of us people use shared libraries instead of static
ones (Much better IMO), and it's not including those libraries when it
compiles gnome.. right now I have libjpeg and libtiff compiled as
shared, and I have to manually do -ljpeg -ltiff before *EVERY*
-lgdk_imlib... this is a pain in the neck, and I'd really like a better
way to do it.. sticking in it LIBS just makes it complain about gcc not
being able to make executables... but anyway... that's all...

oh.. and.. I have everything compiled after hours of editing Makefiles..
and now I get an interesting error when I try to "add to panel" any
applet.. "** ERROR **: Could not talk to the panel: Can't talk to a
panel"... I've tried it in several windowmanagers, all do this... and
uh.. I don't like it ;)

annnyway.. gbye and have a nice day.. or night..


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