Re: Graphics libraries

I had this problem with jpeg and png.  In both cases, it was because
I had two versions of the libraries, one in /usr/{lib,include}
and one in /usr/local/{lib,include}.  One of the versions of
jpeglib.h included a jconfig.h which had #include <config.h>.
That caused a compile error if config.h was not found, and may
have caused worse if it was found.  After I discovered the
difficulty with libpng, I removed one of them, but forgot to
remove the png.h that went with it.  *Then* I found that the
libpng remaining had an undefined reference to "crc32".  Whew.
I think I finally got it straight now.  And I've gotten into
the habit of examining config.log.

Greg Lee,,

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Benjamin Lowell Diedrich wrote:

> Hey,
> I have a curious problem whereby the graphics libraries (jpeg, png, tiff,
> and gif) that are linked to imlib are also required for all the gnome

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