Graphics libraries


I have a curious problem whereby the graphics libraries (jpeg, png, tiff,
and gif) that are linked to imlib are also required for all the gnome
software I compile.  Unfortunately, configure leaves all of them out when
make links the programs.  I have been able to compile all the software by
adding "-ljpeg -lpng -ltiff -lgif" to the "LIBS =" variable or another
used when linking.  I have tried recompiling imlib after I found this
problem, in case the graphics libraries were left out.  Any thoughts?

I am running:
libc6 on Debian 1.3 upgraded to 2.0
imlib 1.4
gnome 0.20
giflib 3.0
libjpeg 6a - Debian package
libpng 1.0.0 - Debian package
libtiff 3.4 - Debian package


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