undefined symbols in libgnomeui.so.0

    I'm trying to install gnome .20 on my plain
vanilla RedHat 5.1 system.  After updating the libjpeg
stuff to an acceptable version, I installed
the gnome-libs-0.20 and gnome-core-0.20 rpms.

I started up X (currently using twm, until I get
around to installing WindowMaker.)

>From the xterm I ran panel&, and...

panel: error in loading shared libraries 
XXXXXXXX: undefined symbol:g_strdelimit

where XXXXXXXX was the libgtk+ verson 1.0.4 
that I got from the gnome site.

I uninstalled the gtk rpm, (and everything that
depended on it), installed the gtk+ rpm that came
w/RedHat (I believe 1.0.1), and reinstalled gnome-libs
and gnome.  Now i get...

panel: error in loading shared libraries 
/usr/lib/libgnomeui.so.0: undefined symbol: gtk_signal_init

So I am assuming that the gtk+ version that
I diwngraded to didn't have something that
gnome needs.  But be for I go through anymore
hassle, I was wondering if anyone else has run into
this bizare behavior before, or has any idea of how
I can get "panel" to run.

thanks in advance

Bryan Scaringe

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