Gnome SLIDER and such...

I'm working on an add-on to gnome (a necessity for any desktop package):

		A Slider Puzzle!!!

Now, don't you all go nuts yet.  I know that Slider puzzles are the
coolest things in the world, but I don't have anything but the window at
the moment... (I'm working on figuring out the relationship between
*_gdk_pixmap() functions and getting them onto the window...)

So, I'd like it if Miguel (or whoever maintains the project) list would
accept me and my little application as an official part of GNOME.  Unless
of course someone else is doing another one, in which case: "Let's team up
and build the best slider puzzle in the world!"

Also, I'd like CVS access, but I won't be checking this thing in till I
can get it to run with a 3x3 field (even if the game doesn't finish or
anything).  I'll be placing this in gnome-games/slider.

BTW: Die-hard slider puzzle fans: This **will** be able to handle **huge**
playing fields.  3x3 is for wimps...I used to own a 40x50 one and the
picture was a graph paper pulled into the shape of a blackhole...

	The Doctor What (

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