Re: Gnome SLIDER and such...

>  Now, don't you all go nuts yet.  I know that Slider puzzles are the
>  coolest things in the world, but I don't have anything but the window at
>  the moment... (I'm working on figuring out the relationship between
>  *_gdk_pixmap() functions and getting them onto the window...)

Actually, I have implemented a 4x4 slider puzzle for testing the
GnomeCanvas widget, and made it into a panel applet :-)

Now that the canvas also supports images, you should be able to use it
to write a generalized slider puzzle game.  You should be able to whip
such a program in an afternoon, I guess.  It would be pretty cool.

Please download the latest gnome-libs and look at
gnome-libs/test-gnome/canvas.c for the game example.

>  So, I'd like it if Miguel (or whoever maintains the project) list would
>  accept me and my little application as an official part of GNOME.  Unless
>  of course someone else is doing another one, in which case: "Let's team up
>  and build the best slider puzzle in the world!"

You finish it and it will be put into the cvs tree for sure :-)


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