Re: Clearing out session list

Moin moin,

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Alonso Soto Jacome <> writes:

    Martin> [...].

    Martin> A bug somewhere in the session manager must be causing
    Martin> this, but I have no idea about X session management to
    Martin> attempt to fix it by myself.

It's non a problem with gnome-session.  It's a problem with the
communication between smproxy and your window manager.  

An easy way to get rid of your permanently restarted applications is to 
kill the smproxy program.  But this prevents _any_ non GNOME
application (or any application that does not support the X11 session
management protocol) from being restarted from now on.

Tschuess, Carsten

Carsten Schaar                         email:

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