Re: Panel

On Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 10:52:29PM -0400, Neil Vachharajani wrote:
> After the panel got upgraded in CVS, I noticed that it stopped restoring
> its state.  There was a message sent a couple days ago reporting the same
> problem and I don't know if I have missed the response or what.  I looked
> in my .gnome directory and noticed that there is a file called panel, a
> directory called panel.d, and a directory called
> panel-Session-<session-id>,  where session-id would be replaced with the
> appropriate session.  I am assuming that the panel is being moved over to
> a new way of saving its state.  I was going to try and fix the bug with
> state restoration, but I realized I didn't know what the appropriate
> behavior is.  Where is the config info really supposed to be stored ?  Is
> anyone working on fixing this bug?  If not I will be more than happy to
> fix it if some can point me in the right direction as far as the proper
> files and directories for saving the panel's state.

the state restoring works just fine for me .. it was a little bit broke for
about a day .... do make sure that you update all applets and recompile and
reinstall them ... then delete panel files in the .gnome dir .... the
session will be save in panel.d/<session-id>/* ... where the star is a bunch
of files ...

a problem with gnome-config is this ... if a file exists and you have a
directory of that name in your path when saving, the save fill mess up
... without warning actually ... and it will silently not do anything
therefore not saving the state ... this needs to be fixed ... gnome-confing
should probably issue a warning and move the offending file out of the way
... or use a different path or something to that extent ...


George Lebl <>
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