Re: CVS panel workign for anybody?

Greg Lee,,

I had this exact same result yesterday.  Today I updated, recompiled
most everything (not gmd, gsl) and now it works.

By the way, it would be nice if someone could tell us just what
subdirectories exist in the cvs tree.  I just guessed that there
might be a glib and a libgtop, and found esound by accident.

On 8 Jul 1998, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:

> Hmm, 
> I've problems to get the gnome panel from CVS to work since weeks
> now. Is there any body experiencing similar problems? I just want to
> know if I'm the only with these probs :-)
> Whe I start panel, it spits out the following:
> ** WARNING **: file gnome-pixmap.c: line 372 (gnome_pixmap_size_allocate): assertion "allocation != NULL" failed.
> [repeated zillions of times]

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