Re: CVS panel workign for anybody?

Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
> Hmm,
> I've problems to get the gnome panel from CVS to work since weeks
> now. Is there any body experiencing similar problems? I just want to
> know if I'm the only with these probs :-)
> ** ERROR **: sigsegv caught

I had problems like this for quite some time and I kept thinking
it was a bug in the distribution.  Turns out some object files for
the library weren't getting remade.  Solution was to make clean in
glib, gtk, gnome-libs, gnome-objc, gnome-core and remake evertything
from scratch, including running autogen.

Panel from yesterday's non-anon CVS worked resonably well for me,
but I noticed one bug for anyone who's working on the panel:

- The color selection window in the panel properties isn't modal.
  I can ok or cancel out of the panel properties dialog and the
  color window stays up.  If I close this window later, the 
  panel crashes.


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