Re: panel dies

Greg Lee,,

On 8 Jul 1998, Michael Harnois wrote:

> Any explanation for this?
> ** WARNING **: file ghash.c: line 150 (g_hash_table_lookup): assertion "hash_table" failed.
> ** ERROR **: sigsegv caught
> Or is this another of those things that's been fixed in the "real" CVS 
> tree but not in the public one?

I built the cvs version this morning -- I get the above warning, but
no sigsegv (with yesterday's version I did get one).  I'm running
Linux 2.1.103, libc5, egcs 1.0.4.

To build gnome-network, I had to add "sync/Makefile" as the next-to-last
line of

In gnome-core in help-browser/bookmarks.c I added "#include <stdlib.h>"
to avoid the compilers complaint that "getenv" was declared implicitly.

In the brief test I made a few minutes ago, most things seemed to
work.  However, I brought up the system log monitor and couldn't
get rid of it -- the "file" button doesn't do anything.  Also, I
slid the panel almost off the screen, and trying to get it to slide
back, I slid it all the way out of view.  Couldn't get it back.

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